I AM so ready for this, arms up.

Six Flags Great Adventure just announced today with select Thursday and Friday nights during spring leading up to summertime at six flags. It's a new special event that celebrates, in my opinion, some of the "BEST" costers I've ever been on. I've been on a lot, I love them. And, my daughter even more. Six Flags Great Adventure is celebrating its world-class rollercoasters, with "Coaster Power Hour."

Twelve Coasters, Coaster Power Hour, includes FREE parking, music, special dining deals, and so much more. Wow, one coaster during this time, will have a limited-time experience for this event. That's just one of the surprises along the way for the Coaster Power Hour.

Here are the coasters that will be a part of the "Coaster Power Hour" this spring:

* KINGDA KA – The world’s tallest and second-fastest coaster

* NITRO – Award-winning mega (taller than 200 feet) coaster

* EL TORO – Award-winning hybrid wood/steel coaster

* SKULL MOUNTAIN – This is one of my favorites, it's an indoor roller coaster.                 Lights and lots of music during the Coaster Power Hour, only.

* BIZARRO – World’s first top-rail floorless, seven-loop coaster

* BATMAN: The Ride – Chairlift-style, inverted, five-loop coaster

* THE JOKER – 4-D, free-fly coaster

* SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight – “Flying” prone-position, looping coaster

* THE DARK KNIGHT – Indoor, dark coaster

* GREEN LANTERN – Stand-up, five-loop coaster

* RUNAWAY MINE TRAIN – Family-style coaster

* HARLEY QUINN CRAZY TRAIN – Family-style coaster

***Thanks to Six Flags Great Adventure for describing each roller coaster, perfectly. Kingda Ka, still scares me, ALL THE TIME.

Here are the "Coaster Power Hour" hours -

Thursday EVENINGS - 4 pm - 9 pm (May 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th)

Friday EVENINGS - 6 pm - 11 pm (April 16th, 23rd, and 30th & May 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th)

Shhh, It's a reservation-only private event that will feature limited park attendance and special pricing. No long lines to get on these coasters. Special and discounted pricing will be available for Six Flags Members and Season Pass Holders. CLICK HERE to find out more information.

Have fun!


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