There's a change that is going to affect the Six Flags Great Adventure visitors.

Especially if you have an appetite.

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Remember back in the Fall when a dude became Internet famous for telling the world via Reddit how he was able to eat 7,000 meals over seven years using Six Flags' season dining pass?

According to his thread, eating at the park essentially for free over this long period of time allowed him to pay down my student loans, get married, and buy a house.

How the heck is this possible?

Enter "Cam The Six Flags Scoundrel" who explains how the math all works out. Caution: offensive language is used.

@thundermunkerDay 6 of exploiting the Six Flags meal pass♬ original sound - Six Flags Scoundrel

In an interview with Vice in November 2021, the “Six Flags Scoundrel,” said when he broke down the math, the meals were around 50 cents.

This is not taking into account the added bonus of getting to ride the rides at the park.

The first question I have is doesn't this guy have a job?


I mean even if you are able to cut your food budget down significantly using this hack, there are still housing, utilities, and other various expenses, right?

I'm sorry to say, thanks to these greedy trolls with way too much time on their hands, the unlimited meal plan is toast.

This is a shame because it was a nice perk for season pass members that frequented the park, especially those with families.

Think it's not social media's fault, think again.

Last week on an earnings call, a Six Flags official cited the social media hack and trend as the reason for stopping the unlimited meal plan.

Here are a couple of important things to know.

If you have already purchased the unlimited meal plan, it will still be honored as is.

If you haven't purchased a meal plan, Six Flags has rolled out a new dining add-on.

It's $39.99 and includes four meals that can be redeemed same day or throughout the year.

Once you go through the four meals, you have to purchase another one.

Not a terrible deal, but not even close to the value the unlimited plan got you.

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