Tis the season to be gearing up for Summer!

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And what is one of the main Jersey Shore attractions we obsess over every year? Six Flags Great Adventure!

In case you're new here, Six Flags is located at 1 Six Flags Boulevard in Jackson and is one of the top amusement parks on the East Coast.

Six Flags sign
Six Flags sign (Dennis Symons, MidJersey.news)

The park is gearing up for their 2022 opening weekend coming up on March 19th & 20th but there is tons for you to know before that magical weekend arrives.

Did you know the park is debuting a long list of improvements and additions?

One of those is that new, intimidating Jersey Devil Coaster -- keep scrolling for an exclusive POV video clip!

Thank you to Kristin and the Six Flags staff for sending us all this exclusive info -- because now I can share it with you.

You'll love this; Let's take a look:

All The Improvements & Additions At Six Flags Great Adventure In Jackson In 2022

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson is gearing up for their biggest season yet. In 2022, there are countless improvements and additions -- here they all are:

P.S. Do you think you have what it takes to take on the Jersey Devil Coaster? Let's find out...here's that exclusive sneak peek I promised...

For additional questions or concerns, take a look at Six Flag's website.

Eager to get going? CLICK HERE for info on their tickets and season passes!

All in favor of countless Six Flags weekends this Summer? Say I!!

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