So it looks like the smoking ban at the Jersey Shore is about to get a bit more strict because it may soon be illegal for people to smoke on boardwalks and other public places such as amusement parks, cemeteries, and sporting facilities.

The idea came after State Senator Shirley Turner visited Seaside Heights this Summer.

"There were people smoking on the boardwalks down there, and I thought that was rather offensive because I was there with my family, my children and grandchildren," Turner said. "People should be protected no matter where they are, indoors or outdoors, enjoying the recreational facilities of our state."

I must say, I agree with her. What is the point of having a statewide smoking ban for beaches if just ten steps away people are allowed to smoke on the boardwalks?

I have not hidden my dislike of cigarettes and the health problems it causes for everyone, even those are not actually doing the smoking.

So, what do you think? Are you on board?

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