Would you say people living in New Jersey are snobby?

A snob is defined by Merriam-Webster as one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior. One who has an offensive air or superiority in matters of knowledge or taste.

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Zippia ranked America's snobbiest states and there's good and bad news for New Jersey.

The good news is we're not number 1.

We're not even in the top 10.

However, the bad news is we still rank pretty high for being snobby.

Photo by SooWan Jang on Unsplash
Photo by SooWan Jang on Unsplash

Here's how Zippia decided which states were more snobby than others.

  • Percentage of bachelor’s degree holders
  • Percentage of degrees in arts and humanities
  • Number of Ivy League colleges
  • Gallons of annual wine consumption

Looks like the Northeast is considered pretty smug compared to other parts of the country.

Photo by Brian Wegman 🎃 on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Wegman 🎃 on Unsplash

The top 5 states considered to be the snobbiest in the United States:

1. Massachusetts

2. Vermont

3. Connecticut

4. New York

5. New Hampshire

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

So where does New Jersey rank?

We're 12th on the list of America's snobbiest states.

One of the main reasons is because we're home to Princeton University.

However, we have a very low percentage of art and humanities degree holders at just 21 percent.

I've lived in New Jersey my entire life and snobby is not a word I would use to describe all the great people living here.

What are your thoughts?

Are we snobby here in New Jersey?

Let me know in the comments below.

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