I’ll admit, in Jersey we do have an affinity for anything animal print.  Snooki figured that out and ran with it by opening multiple locations of her own clothing boutique called The Snooki Shop and they are super-successful.  Now, we have a location coming to the Jersey Shore!

I’ve shopped at the Madison, New Jersey location for years...now there is a brand new location coming!

First, let’s stop just calling her Snooki. Her name is Nicole Polizzi-LaValle and she is a mom and a wife now just like many of us.  Yes, she was wild as a teen and it was on tape.  So what?  I happen to know producers egg that kind of thing on so let’s give her a break.  If someone was taping all of my antics on the Jersey Shore boardwalk in high school, I would still be defending it...believe that.

Give credit where credit is due...Nicole has turned her brand into three successful stores (plus an online store).  I personally own three of her shirts and a pair of her leggings and I’m living my best life.

In addition to her Madison, NJ and Beacon, NY locations, Nicole is opening up her newest spot on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights!  They're hiring too!

Snooki Shop hiring!
Snooki Shop hiring!  Photo credit:  The Snooki Shop Facebook

She is super hands on with her shop.  I’ve seen her working in her store multiple times and word is, she hand-selects all of the mech.

Photo credit: The Snooki Shop Facebook
Photo credit: The Snooki Shop Facebook

We’ll keep you posted about all the info as we know more…or better yet, maybe we can have her on the Jersey Shore Morning Show (where have I heard that name before?) to tell us all about it!  I’ll call her shop from the duck phone to invite her.  :)


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