Another snow day at the Jersey Shore and for me, another day to remember why I can’t stand winters here.

I’ve already shared with you some of the reasons I abhor this time of year, and I promised you there would be more to come. And as sure as another batch of snow showed up so do more anti winter reasons fill my mind.

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Here are some more in a growing list of reasons...

The Left Lane know the guy. He’s going to prove to the world that he can still do his normal 90 in the left lane no matter how many lives he endangers.

The Half Cleaned Car. We all know the law says we have to remove all the snow from our car before hitting the road, but we all also know that apparently only about half the people in New Jersey got the alert on that one. So we all have to deal with the car that’s streaking down the road with a trail of snow flying off it like a Parkway comet. And that’s not even bringing up the chunks of ice that are bound to fly as well.

The Pile Parker. We’ve all seen that big pile of snow taking up a parking spot at the supermarket, but how about that guy who somehow thinks that even though 80% of the spot is blocked, he can still somehow park there. What are you thinking?

So there you go. Three more reasons I can't stand a Jersey Shore winter. Bring on my summer! Please!

For the record, the Friday before Memorial Day is 99 days away. At least we're down to double digits.

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