The cold air arrived this morning, and tonight's snow seems to have moved in just as fast.

A lot of area roadways are super slippery...covered in snow, and worse, black ice.

The temperature is expected to stay below freezing throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties through tomorrow, meaning a lot of slick roads throughout the area.

I drove through major snow squalls on my way home tonight and even driving 10-20 mph noticed my car occasionally sliding.

Beware: You may be able to handle driving in this, but I encountered more than one person who nearly caused an accident by continuously slamming on the breaks and not being able to navigate the slippery conditions.

It's pretty bad out, as a lot of roads haven't been salted yet. Don't go out unless you really need to. It's just not worth it.

Stay safe out there!

What's the weather like where you are? Tell us what town you're in and what the roads are like in the comment section below!