We must think New Jersey is fun, right? We live here. But how does New Jersey compare to other states when it comes to fun?

That is exactly what the good folks at WalletHub wanted to know about each state, and so they did some research and just released the results. Where does new Jersey rank for fun in the United States?

How does 33rd most fun sound? Ouch, that hurts. How can a state with Buce, Bon Jovi and Snooki rank 33rd for fun? It's hard to comprehend, so let's check the data that got us here.

We are ranked #33 for 'fun and recreation' and a miserable #38 for night life. maybe it's the time of year, but it's pretty hard to rank the Garden State 38th for nightlife in the middle of the summer.

For the record, California is listed as the most fun state, and closer to home, New York is 4th and Pennsylvania is 8th. The more I learn about this study, the more it hurts my new Jersey heart.

Some of these low New Jersey rankings don't bother me too much, but this one does. We might not be #1 fun, but we are certainly better than #33 fun, don't you think?

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