It is amazing the things you can pick up curbside these days!

Women everywhere are ROOTING for hair salon to reopen and DYING to get their hair colored....puns intended!

But seriously, I have learned from past experience that it can be disastrous to try and pick out my own hair coloring supplies from a beauty store or drug store and have the color on the box end up NOT being the color that my hair comes out.

Once my hair turned orange. And once it turned black. Jet black.

The amount of color correction that a hair stylist has to do, in steps, in weeks and months, to 'fix' your hair if you have a coloring disaster is serious business.

That's why I have learned to trust only hair color experts with my hair and why I let my roots go gray while patiently awaiting the reopening of our beloved hair salons.

So it thrilled me when the governor said that curbside pickup was being allowed.

This past weekend I was able to get an 'appointment' at Styling Co in Belmar to safely pick up a package of professional hair color, curbside, to take home so that I can correctly add the base color to my hair and cover the gray. The highlights may have to wait and I may end up with a very trendy 'ombre' look for now, but I am grateful and thrilled to be able to color my hair again!

Granted, it' no cakewalk applying my own color and I can't wait to get myself on a wait list for a real hair appointment, but I have been given exceptional instructions from an expert, complete with specially prepped color just for me along with the necessary supplies to do the color. And, to me, that is so much better than dangerously experimenting on my own with drug store paraphernalia or trying to order color online from someone that I can't speak personally with to match the correct color to my hair!

So a big thank you and semi-welcome back to Styling Co in Belmar who very early on licensed the term "Curbside Color" in the hopes that they could do this once the governor gave the go-ahead. Lea, the owner, stands in the doorway with a table outside on the sidewalk and lets only one person at a time who ordered color approach, mask on, to pick up their kit.

Meanwhile, she has worked hard to prep her salon for reopening....putting plexiglass between station, reupholstering shampoo chairs, cleaning and sanitizing everything, and gathering product that will keep everyone safe once the doors are allowed to reopen.

Based on the amount of people passing by on the Belmar sidewalks on Saturday wishing the salon was open, there is going to be quite a wait for an appointment once the governor gives the go-ahead for reopening hair styling companies...but Lea, at least, assures us her stylists will work longer hours just to make everyone can get in and feel great about themselves once again.

Until then, it's Curbside Color for me at Styling Co!

@stylingco on Instagram

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