(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

We have never been so happy to see hair salons reopen!

Not only did I get to have my hair re-colored without having to do it myself (Woo Hoo!!!) but my son, who has been dying for a hair cut, finally got a great new style!

It was a happy, happy day to be able to see our beloved hair salon, Styling Company in Belmar, reopen this week and do so safely and with every precaution to keep us all healthy.

My son Ben's hair had grown super shaggy and was falling in his eyes and flopping all over his face for the past few months. I told him I'd be happy to give him a trim myself to hold him over, to which he replied that he would never allow that to happen (lol.)

After patiently waiting for his hair guru, Rachel, to get him in her chair, he walked out of that salon looking like an entirely new person! I love the look, Rachel, and Ben does, too! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! Rachel is one of those hair stylists that all the hottest guys go to, lol. (True story!)

Just the fact that he agreed to allow me to post this photo is proof enough of how happy he was. He NEVER lets me post his photo!

Of course I was equally elated to sit in Arianna's chair and get my hair colored! I love this stylist, who was voted Best Hair Stylist at the Jersey Shore in a poll of thousands!!! Never have I appreciated getting my hair colored more then after attempting to do it myself and realizing the mess and gymnastic involved in that fiasco. I can't see the back of my own scalp, for crying out loud, so how could I possibly do my own color?!

And Lea, the amazing owner of this awesome salon, will one day give me a full head of highlights...It'll be like Christmas in July when that day comes, but I will patiently await my turn since so many people are clamoring to get back in for a hair service :)

I truly love the positive attitude of all the employees of Styling Co. They are grateful to be back at work and we are so happy to see this locally-owned hair salon get back to serving us and thriving after months of being forced to remain closed.

Styling Co installed plexiglass between each station and shampoo seat. Spaced out and ultra safe. Photo by Liz Jeressi

Lea and Steve, the owners of Styling Company on Main Street in Belmar, have always been at the forefront of living healthful living, and worked really hard during their Covid-19 closure to get the salon ready for reopening, going the extra mile with plexiglass between each station, rearranging furnishings to space everything out properly, and re-training their staff to make safety a top priority, with temp checks and sanitizer at the entrance, and everyone respecting the face mask rule at all times, even during color and shampoo.

Praying for all of our local salons, who suffered so much during Covid-19, to land on their feet and be able to make up the money they lost. TIP YOUR HAIRDRESSERS WELL, because they sacrificed a lot, too. In fact, they probably could have chosen to stay home and continue to collect all that extra unemployment, but they love their careers and their clientele enough to eagerly come back and service us. So show them your love!

To see the results of some of the first people to get back in those chairs to have their hair done, follow Styling Company in Belmar HERE and @stylingco on Instagram.

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