We always like to celebrate things "Made in Monmouth" and this woman is an amazing leader and visionary. Her new line will help humans AND animals.

It would take a book to describe how many things Lea DeLoy from Styling Co in Belmar has done to help our community.

For one, she is a great role model for young women in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. She sets an example for how women can accomplish great things and give back at the same time. She has owned several successful businesses around the Jersey Shore throughout her life, in addition to being a celebrity stylist for photo shoots in NYC!

Lea inspires everyone around her to go the extra mile, strive for top quality work, and be the best they can be. She takes the time to work one-on-one with every person she hires to mentor and teach them. And I can vouch for the fact that her training and attention pays off...each stylist at her salon is impressive. If you ever see me at an event, you know my hair will look awesome because each and every stylist is an expert at color, cut, and styling thanks to Lea.

In her personal convictions, she is also highly health-conscious and an animal advocate. And because she runs a hair and makeup salon, she is conscientious about products that are tested on animals or contain dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, as some hair products do.

So she decided to go the extra mile and has worked in conjunction with a laboratory to create a line of hair products that are not tested on animals and are safe to use on your hair. In addition, a portion of all proceeds from the purchase of these products will go to a different animal shelter each month.

(Photo by Lea Deloy at Styling Co in Belmar)
(Photo by Lea Deloy at Styling Co in Belmar)

As she grows the new line, I have had a chance to try the products and love the way they make my hair look and feel, but, more importantly, I know that my money is going to support local business, animals, and keeping us humans a little safer, too. We're already exposed to far more chemicals in our household, environment, and food than ever before, so just learning that there are options is helpful to all of us.

Her new line is call Theurgy and is available online or at Styling Co (a Green Circle-certified salon) at 902 Main St. in Belmar.

To order, CLICK HERE.

Thank you, Lea, for being such an important part of our Jersey Shore community.

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