The last full day of winter 2019 has arrived, and now that the end is near, it's time to find out what Jersey Shore residents thought of the season that is now behind us (almost).

We did a little informal survey of some Jersey Shore residents on how they would rate this winter. We asked them to pick the phrase that best described their feelings on Winter 2019.

The choices were pretty simple. They ranged from best winter ever to worst winter ever with several possibilities in between, and here are what Shore residents told us about this winter.

Best Winter Ever...7%

Good Winter, but still too long...53%

Pretty good winter...13%

Pretty bad winter...17%

Really bad winter...7%

Worst winter ever...3%

Overall, almost 3 in 4 of those surveyed (73%) had a positive reaction to this past winter, and most cited the lack of snowstorms as the reason. Interestingly, some of those who had a negative reaction to this winter blamed the lack of snow for their answer.

It's nice to know that most people didn't feel like they suffered through a terrible winter, but based on these results prove one thing. For most Jersey Shore residents, any winter is a long one.

Winter is officially over tomorrow (Wednesday, March 20 at 5:58pm), and for the record, summer officially kicks off Friday, June 21st, but the Friday of Memorial Day weekend is only 66 days away. That's not too bad, right?

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