There's a photo going wildly viral on Facebook claiming to show Mary Lee the Great White Shark majestically splashing in front of a rainbow today in Asbury Park.

Too bad it's fake.

The photo (seen HERE) caption claims it was shot today (June 2nd) in Asbury Park.

Mary Lee tracker

While the OCEARCH tracker does show Mary Lee just off the Jersey Shore today, (due east of Sea Girt, really) a simple Google image search shows that gorgeous photo was taken from a National Geographic article published back in 2015.

Comments on that photo suggest it was taken off the coast of South Africa, well outside of Mary Lee's path.

More importantly, the photo was taken by someone named Chris Fallows, who should really be getting the attention for such a beautiful shot.

That said, if anyone happens to snap a real photo of Mary Lee, feel free to send it our way!

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