We haven't heard from Mary Lee the great white shark in quite a while. So, is the most famous shark in our area ok?

Mary Lee hasn't pinged at all since June 17th, 2017, according to Ocearch.org,  and that was off the coast of Cape Cod, and many who love to follow her may be wondering if her lack of pinging is a bad sign for Mary Lee.

The good news for Mary Lee and her fans is that her absence lately may have to do with the battery dying on her transmitter. The batteries have about a five year life, and Mary Lee got her's put on in 2013, according to jacksonville.com.

I guess there's no real way to know for sure the whereabouts of this beloved great white shark, or if we'll ever hear from her again, but we hope she is fine, and happily roaming the oceans, and the only problem we have here is a dead battery.

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