Vacation season is almost here. We all know that money's been kind of tight lately, so you may be thinking about skipping the trip this year. Before you do, though, there is a way to avoid the airports and plane tickets and still get that well deserved vacation. Do what so many out of state people do every year. Vacation in New Jersey!

Diane and I really love Cape May. You can enjoy the shore, plus get in some great shopping and some relaxation. Plus, you may just see a ghost or two, but that's a different story for a different day.

There's always the beauty and family fun of Long Beach Island. I just love the whole environment of LBI. It's fun to think about all the great memories families are making there each summer. Long Beach Island holds the distinction of being the first place Diane beat me in miniature golf. I haven't won a game since.

In the mood for some excitement? One of the world's top destinations is just a few miles down the Parkway. Head for the lights of Atlantic City. Great shows, great restaurants...and we all dream about those bells ringing and lights flashing when our favorite slot machine finally comes through for us!       

There are so many great places right around us for vacation fun. There's Point Pleasant, Wildwood and Seaside. What about Spring Lake, Belmar and Bay Head...just to name a few.

This is how I look at it. We're the one's who put up with the traffic, taxes, congestion and lack of parking. Why shouldn't we be the one's that enjoy the best of the state as well?

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