There was no winner in the Mega Millions drawing Friday night and the jackpot has already swelled to $600 million. Let's start spending that money the Jersey Shore way.

Wouldn't it be fun to spend all that money in an exclusively Jersey Shore way. Let's think of some fun and signature Jersey Shore purchases and just how far that Mega Millions money would go here in Monmouth Counties.

We've chosen a few very Jersey Shore purchases and we've done the math for you. After our number crunching we can now reveal the lengths of generosity you could reach if you were the one to hit the big one.

The first thing we'll do is a markedly un-Jersey Shore thing. We'll make believe there are no taxes to deal with to make our math easier. Just roll with us on that one. Here we go.

Jersey Shore Lottery Ideas

The next Mega Millions drawing is tomorrow night (1/12), and who knows, by then the jackpot may be higher. That would be great. More pizza burgers, suns and beach badges for everyone!

And remember Jersey Mikes, Brick Diner and Belmar if you win!

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