Setting the clocks ahead so it stays light later, a spring-like day, and bike riding to the beach left my kids and I counting down to summer.

We are lucky to live in the heart of a family gathering spot at the Jersey Shore. So when we found ourselves with a lazy warm Sunday afternoon, my boys and I hopped on our bikes and rode down to the beach. Warm sun on our faces, boats coming and going at the Inlet, my boys playing in the sand, and before we knew it, a whole gathering of kids and parents hanging out in front of Gee Gee's while the kids played in the arcade.

Can't think of any better signs of summer. We enjoy this quiet time before all the vacationers come to Manasquan. In fact, there are even some secrets for the locals that can keep you from paying tourist prices for a pizza at the beach....but you'll have to ask me nicely!

Now I understand why I could meet Jack Nicholson in Newark when he was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, looking all Hollywood in his tux,  yet talking about growing up right the same sand we played in all day on Sunday. Nothing beats it!

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