Have you ever met a star?  Most people have not.  If you have, have you ever met them more than once?  How about 20 years apart?  The odds against it are enormous.  One Old Bridge resident can now say it happened to him - - with the Jersey Shore's own Bruce Springsteen.

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This Bruce Springsteen fanatic is Spencer Freedman, a realtor in Monmouth County.  He shared the interesting story and photo on Facebook.  It goes a little something like this.  Back about 20 years ago, Spencer was a waiter at the old Freehold Gardens Hotel and he got a chance to meet Bruce.  As you may know, Freehold is Bruce's hometown.  He grew up on South Street.  Flash forward to this past Friday, Spencer walked into Jersey Freeze (a Freehold staple since 1952) and the staff told him he just missed Bruce.  But then...

Spencer walked out, spotted a black SUV, and sure enough, in it was Bruce.  As Spencer shares, " At first I pulled up next to him and tried to do the selfie and it wouldn’t work with the glare from the windows so I threw that bad boy in park and hopped around the car and he rolled the window right down!"  What a great story!  Props to Spencer and props to Bruce for making a fan's day.

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