We haven't been able to go to the places we love as much as we'd like to lately, but that doesn't mean we can't show the love for our favorite Jenkinson's animals in 2021.

Jenkinson's has an awesome "Adopt An Animal Program" and this is a great time to participate. The kids will love it, and you will love it too. And it's also great news for the animals we've fallen in love with over the years at Jenkinson's.

And even though yesterday was National Penguin Day, and we love our Jenk's penguins, it's not just the penguins you can adopt. Not by a long shot. You can also adopt Wally the Sloth, any of the seals, including the beloved Luseal or any of the majestic sharks or adorable sea turtles.

As a matter of fact, 25 animals may be adopted and the great part is it's very reasonable to adopt ($75 for penguins, $60 for all the other animals) and you get a lot of great stuff in the kit.  In addition to an adoption certificate, you will receive a cute plush animal, a photo, 2 Aquarium passes and (for penguins only) a special invite to Parent's night. (All subject to COVID schedule adjustments).

And there are so many adorable penguins to chhose from, but since my grandson is crazy about sharks, I think I'm going to adopt Swaj the Sand Shark.

The adoption program is such a great way to stay involved in one of our favorite local family fun spots. And remember , Jenkinson's Aquarium is open with limited occupancy, so go visit your favorite animals and the great staff at Jenk's Aquarium!

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