It is always sad to see any Jersey Shore restaurant close, but those locations that have been around for YEARS can be hard to let go of.

A classic in Hazlet (hey, that rhymes) is going to be shutting their door so it looks like you may have to find your frosty root beer somewhere else.

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That's right, Stewart's Root Beer of Hazlet will be closing the day after Labor Day.

"We will be closing our doors permanently as of 9/08/20. It’s a sad time as I have been here almost 11 years," said the owner, Jeff DeBlasio via social media this past Thursday. "We have served our community well and unfortunately it’s time to move on. I hope everyone gets a chance to come in one more time before we close."

If you are not that familiar, this franchise is known for the DELICIOUS, one-of-a-kind root beer alongside a lot of typical american dishes: burgers, fries, salads, quesadillas and so much more.

But DeBlasio started adding vegan dish options back in 2018 including a vegan pizza, plant-based cheese steaks, chicken and meatball Parmesans, hot dogs, buffalo chicken wraps, pierogies and beyond meat cheeseburgers. .

“I had customers coming in from Brick, Toms River, and I asked, ‘Why do you come this far just to eat?’" he said in 2018. “Most looked at me, all depressed, and said ‘There’s no place to eat by me. This is the closest to me for vegan food.'"

Well....attention Hazlet restaurant owners: it looks like there is a desperate need for more vegan food options that could really help your business to boom!

Something to think about.

But goodbye to Stewart's of Hazlet. You still have a few days to stop by and eat one last time before those doors close for good!

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