There was a real effort in the Garden State to repair the thousands of pothole created by our horrible winter. I think they missed some.

I don't know all the procedures behind the repair of potholes, and I'm not sure who has how much in the budget to get it done, but one thing is for sure. In many spots in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, it's not done.

I remember telling you about the "pothole killers", and we've all seen crews working on the problem throughout the area, but every so often all of us hear that terrible sound of the tire hitting the pothole. You know, the sound that makes you think  you left half of your car behind.

So I guess as we're straining our eyes watching other cars and drivers, pedestrians, traffic signals, detours, construction projects, deer,  tourist and all the other things we watch out for on New Jersey's roadways, we can't cross potholes off the list. At least not yet.

If you encounter a nasty pothole, you can report it at (800) POTHOLE, or by visiting