Have you stopped by the Stop & Shop on Route 37 in Toms River?

Well there is a new employee there that you may want to meet. His name is Marty the Robot and his job is to roam the store and alert the staff when he finds spills throughout the aisles or when a certain item is running low on the shelves.

If he gets close to you, don't worry because he will let out a noticeable "Beep!" to let you know that he is there!

Say what you want -- I think this is actually pretty cool. Having robots like Marty can allow the staff to focus more upon other customers as opposed to where the messes are in the store or which items need restocking.

Get used to it though because like it or not, more robots are coming to the Jersey Shore.

Toms River Online actually put the post up introducing the world to Marty but a lot of residents have actually already met him and let's just say the reactions run across the board.

Gail gave us all a laugh when she commented, "Could give a person a heart attack, it snuck up on me."

However, Tabitha made it clear that she is not in favor of Marty when she wrote, "Hate that thing! & hated looking a man who work there get out of it’s path😣. I always liked stop n shop, and it’s my most convenient store but since seeing that thing I’ve been seriously thinking of moving on."

Robert made a very good point when he commented, "Have to say Marty is more polite than most of the shoppers!!"

But I do believe Greg's comment is the funniest of all. He wrote, "Saw it last week...It called me trash, and requested an employee to come clean me up." (ouch)

What do you think? Are you in favor of having more robots like Marty at the Jersey Shore?

Take a look at the original Facebook Post at the Toms River Online Facebook Page.

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