An article in the Mirror reminded me of something that bugs me around Christmas. This is the time of year when you hear from people you don't usually hear from the rest of the year, and that's awesome. Most of the time, that contact comes in the form of a Christmas card. I get the envelope, check the return address to see who it's from...and then I excitedly open it, only to find out that Aunt Agnes has chosen the most dreaded of all Christmas cards...the glitter card! I am now standing in the middle of my kitchen, glitter from head to toe, looking like a cross between Lady Gaga and the drummer from a Kiss cover band. but that's not all.

Just like a bad cold, or an in-law from out of town, the glitter stays with you for days. People will ask you what's on your face. Your friends will ask you what show you're starring in, and every piece of clothing you own will attach itself to at least one piece of that glitter. So, please Aunt Agnes, no more glitter!! But it was great hearing from you.