The Ocean County Mall has undergone quite the transformation with the addition of LA Fitness, Home Sense, Five Below, and ULTA just to mention a few.

P.F. Chang's is coming soon. But what is still missing?

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As far as the original Ocean County Mall in Toms River is concerned, not much has changed.

A friend of mine referred to it recently as the mall that is stuck in time.

This isn't an insult by the way.

I grew up in Toms River and many days and nights were spent at Ocean County Mall.

It will always hold a special place in my heart.

There haven't been very many store openings inside the mall recently.

Some would say that COVID has something to do with it, and it may partially, but there's a much bigger reason,

Before retailers decide to open a location they do a ton of research.

Demographics play a big part in whether new stores open up or not.

Ocean County has a high senior population. For many trendy outlets, the Ocean County Mall "doesn't make sense" for them because it won't appeal to a younger demographic.

I asked you for your "Ocean County Mall Wishlist."

These are more than the stores, restaurants, and attractions that we want. These are places we need.

Notice something missing from our rundown? Let me know about it.


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