I have always loved the beach but since moving to the Jersey Shore, I have become obsessed with things I stumble upon in nature.

I'm talking sea creatures, animals and the weird weather occurrences that happen when you live right along the New Jersey coast.

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I took my dog, Carolina, to the beach in Lavallette yesterday when I witnessed a not-so-welcoming sky.

But it was one I had never seen before. It was like half of the sky was happy and the other half was...well....asking everyone to leave it the heck alone.

I knew we had some storms and wind advisories in our future yesterday evening (2.17.22), but I can't say I've ever seen a sky so clearly divided.

I swear...it's something out of a Disney movie.

Don't judge me but you know the part in Sleeping Beauty when Maleficent casts a curse on the castle in the final battle?

A wave of dark clouds suddenly occupied the sky over the kingdom.

THAT is what this sky reminded me of.

I might not be making sense so let me just show you:

Ever See Ghoulish, Turbulent Storm Clouds Like Ones Spotted In Lavallette Yesterday?

Nicole walked onto the beach in Lavallette to an insane sky indicative of some hazardous weather (which the Jersey Shore had)! Have you ever seen clouds like these? 

I told you: it was like evil was approaching from the sea. Oh my god....maybe Ursula from The Little Mermaid?!

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Okay, maybe I need to utilize my Disney+ a little less.

I also caught video because on top of the crazy sky and the current was just as explosive. These waves may not be large, per say, but they were STRONG and the wind was just as intense.

Maybe you are not into this type of thing but as someone who considers herself a mermaid, what happens at the beach personally impacts me.

LOL...I know, I'm ridiculous.

But if you stumble upon something that raises your eyebrow while at the beach, the bay or anywhere else for that matter, email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com because I want to see it.

Whataya say we switch things over to the more peaceful side of nature?

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