The storm didn't bring the snow totals that were originally feared, but it did bring enough concern to shut things down in New Jersey.

With schools closed and a travel ban in effect in the Garden State as the day begins, some in Monmouth and Ocean Counties are getting to do something they rarely get to do...sleep in. Maybe some will even get a chance to grab a piece of the elusive concept of relaxation.

There is no doubt that re-arranging everything for this storm was not exactly convenient, but here we are. So, we do what New Jersey does...we make the best of it. And who knows, we might even relax for a minute.

For many, it's work from home today. For some of the luckiest among us, it's time to start watching that show that we've been meaning to check out. Or maybe you can go old school and go build a snowman...if you have enough snow.


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