A publication recently did some research in order to rank the states with the worst infrastructure, and New Jersey didn't disappoint. We are the state with the worst infrastructure, according to the study.

Every once in a awhile New Jersey tops a list. Unfortunately, it's hardly ever a list you want to top. The latest list topper for the Garden State falls into that category. Our infrastructure has been named the worst in the nation.

The study was conducted by 24/7 Wall St., and includes things like roadways, bridges and railways when determining the rankings for each state. And none of the numbers were good for New Jersey.

Anyone who drives in the Garden State knows that we don't have the best roadways anyway. But just how bad are our roadways? The study says that 37.2% of our roadways are in poor condition.

That is one out of three roads in bad condition and that jaw dropping fact paved the way (no pun intended) for our ranking as the 6th worst state in the roadway category. I'd hate to have to drive in the states that did worse than we did.

Our structurally deficient bridges stats are slightly better. We rank 22nd in the nation with 8.1% of our bridges considered structurally deficient.

And when it comes to locomotive derailments (from 2015-2019) we have had 104, which works out to 10.9 per 100 miles of track, which is the highest in the nation.

All of these disappointing numbers add up to the unwanted distinction of being the state with the worst infrastructure in the nation.

It shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone who travels in the Garden State. The roads are generally horrible, and if you thought that was just you imagining it, the national averageipercentage of roads in poor condition is just over one out of five roads. In New Jersey, it's well over one in three.

So, as with most things in the Garden state. It's not your imagination. The roads really are that bad.

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