There are still plenty of frightfully fun activities left to do before Halloween (which is on a Monday this year), and one event that is fun for both kids and adults is Trunk-or-Treat.

If your kids are in elementary school, chances are you have one coming up. If you signed up to be a trunk and need some ideas, I have a few suggestions.

We just had a Trunk-or-Treat event at our school Friday night, and my creative brother came up with the idea of turning our car into an Angler Fish--as in those scary deep water creatures seen in the movie Finding Nemo. To achieve this affect, we bought white balloons and drew dark circles for the eyes. We cut out white cardboard for the teeth, and used two long pieces for each side of the car for fins. To keep the fins straight, my brother cut up a wired hanger (no Mommy Dearest jokes, please) and affixed tape to the back. For the creepy light, a small flashlight was taped to an inflated balloon and dangled from the top of the car. The kids loved it, and many knew what it was right away!

Other cars at our Trunk-or-Treat were so much fun--there were scary cars, a frog,scarecrows and more. Here are a few pictures to give you ideas!