A lot of people are not happy with Subway right now....myself included.

The sandwich chain just made some pretty drastic changes to their menu -- they will no longer offer roast beef and rotisserie-style chicken anywhere on the menu.

This means ANY menu item that contained either ingredient will also be discontinued.

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According to FoxNews.com, one of Subway's official twitter accounts said that "some locations" will still have these menu items but for the most part, away they go.

There have been some Subway employees that tweeted about this announcement saying they don't understand why they would get rid of such a popular item.

I am predicting this all has to do with one thing: money.

Over the course of time, I bet the cost to provide these two meats have gone up substantially. Why else would they get rid of it?

This menu change also comes shortly after Subway announced the return of the $5 footlong.

But there is a catch. You have to buy two $5 footlongs for $10 to enjoy the promotion. Kinda bogus if you ask me.

But in other news, Subway did announce that they will be hiring 50,000 additional employees across North America so if you are in need of a job, this may be it.

Take a look at the original articles at FoxNews.com and CNBC.com.

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