The way we order food, pick up food or even go out to eat has drastically changed in the last two years.

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Between mobile-app ordering, contactless delivery and staff shortages -- would you say these changes have been for the better or the worst?

While some may miss having human contact, others are loving the new, more efficient systems.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to, Taco Bell just opened up a new location in Minnesota and it is the first of its kind.

I'll say this: this new set up may change the way we eat out that much more.

A video was posted to Taco Bell's official accounts giving you a sneak peek of what could be in our future.

Here is what we know: it is called Taco Bell defy and according to the video's voice over, "It is all about speed and efficiency."

This taco joint is two-stories tall and has not one, not two, not three....but FOUR drive-thru lanes.

Four may seem excessive but it is because one lane will be designated, "for delivery drivers and another for people who have already ordered and paid on the Taco Bell app," according to

As it stand now, the average Taco Bell order takes 4-and-a-half minutes to complete. They are hoping to cut that time by more than half.

I am all for efficient but two minutes to make a quesadilla kinda has me sketched out. it even fully cooked??

That is not all. There is something called The Vertical Lift. Unofficially, it is being called Taco Bell's new Food Tube.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do you remember when you would go to the bank with your parents and they would use this weird tube while talking to the banker?

THAT is the Food Tube but instead of money or receipts, out pops your Taco Bell!

There are also a few ways you can order your food:

1. Order the "old school way" and do it through the drive thru.

2. You can walk in and order through a computer kiosk.

3. New With Defy: You can order through the Taco Bell app and then scan the QR code at the drive thru when you arrive.

The new joint just opened a day or so ago so I am sure before any expansion plans are announced, Taco Bell wants to see how this new spot does in Minnesota first.

It is not that I don't love fast or efficient.

But this trend of having a lack of social interaction on a daily basis is only getting worse and I am worried this is where the future is headed.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I need my alone time just like anyone else. But it is already kind of too easy to avoid human interaction when shopping or ordering food.

Keep at it and eventually people won't do it at all if they don't have to.

Being social versus convenient: which side of this are you on? Would you want to see this new type of Taco Bell come to New Jersey?

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