There are so many fun things to do for the family here in New Jersey, including this fabulous way to ring in Christmas.

I did this last year with my family and you will absolutely love it. This Jersey Shore town is known for its Christmas lights and Christmas charm.

Cape May is known for its quaintness, especially at Christmastime. Try something new this year, a Horse and Carriage Ride through the decorated streets of Cape May. They have different tours for different amounts of people. A horse and carriage ride is something different. It was the first time my daughter was ever on a ride last year and she loved it. She couldn't believe how magical Cape May looked, especially in the carriage.

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From the horses to the carriages, you will feel like royalty. All the tours, horse and carriage rides are all different. None of the carriage rides are the same. Everything you want to know about Cape May is shared by the driver with stories and more.  And, of course, the beautiful Christmas lights along the way. Cape May Horse and Carriage asks that you please dress for the weather, but they do provide warm blankets for your cozy ride.

The carriage ride usually lasts about 30 minutes. Prices may vary, but I do believe we paid around $80 for the four of us. Smaller children are FREE for this magical ride. Carriage rides are for the month of December. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

If you're all about finding fun things in New Jersey to do with the family or just a romantic outing, this is it. Add this to the list, you will love it.

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