The closest the Giants are going to get to the big game this year might be this trivia quiz about their past Super Bowl appearances.

So, let's see how much you know about the Giants' two most recent visits to the Super Bowl, and you don't have to be a statistical genius or a fantasy football owner to get these right...

(1) The Giants wore the same uniform colors in both of their two latest Super Bowl wins. What color were the shirts?

(2) When David Tyree made his amazing catch in the 2008 championship game, he didn't use two hands to catch the ball. He used one hand and what?

(3) The losing quarterback in last two Giants Super Bowl wins was who?

(4) Who won the Super Bowl held in MetLife Stadium in 2014?

(5) In what town was the the 'Helmet Catch' made?

How many of those can you get right without looking them up? I knew four of them off the top of my head. How did you do? Let's find out. Here are the answers...

(1) White shirts red numbers

(2) His helmet

(3) Tom Brady

(4) Seattle Seahawks

(5) Glendale, Arizona

Congratulations if you got those right. Let us know who you think will win this year's big game in the 'comment' section below.

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