A theme park in Utah is mad enough at Taylor Swift to take her to court.

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It's all over the name Evermore, which is the name of the theme park AND the title Taylor chose for her most recent album.

A lawsuit filed against Swift by Pleasant Grove, Utah's Evermore states that Taylor's evermore has infringed the theme park's trademark by using the same name.

The theme park, which looks GORGEOUS, by the way, is reportedly unhappy that Taylor's album has caused some confusion, or led people to wonder if the two Evermore's are affiliated, and is seeking millions of dollars in damages from the singer.

Back in December, when the surprise follow-up to folklore arrived, Evermore theme park contacted Swift's legal team with an offer to discuss 'reasonable terms' for Taylor to discontinue her use of the trademark, according to BCC News.

With no response, Evermore theme park took official legal action, citing "dramatic departure from typical levels" of traffic on its website in the week after the album's release.

Taylor's team fired back at the theme park calling the lawsuit frivolous, irresponsible, and baseless. In a letter to the court, Swift's attorneys continue their defense, writing,  "Moreover, your client [Evermore theme park] has suffered no damages whatsoever and, in fact, has openly stated that Ms. Swift's album release creates a 'marketing opportunity' for your client's troubled theme park."

Ooooo. I think this is about to get even uglier, because Taylor's never been one to slink away over a lawsuit. Remember that radio DJ that sued her for defamation? She gave him $1.

SOURCES: bbc.com

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