Prom season is upon us, so what's a girl to do when she has no date?

Tweet Tim Tebow, of course. And when he doesn't respond?

Well then you take matters into your own hands!

It reportedly all started when a friend offered her 50 bucks if she walked into Prom with Tebow on her arm.

So she tried to reach him via Twitter, his agents, and the Jets. No go.

But Rachel Bird wasn't going to let a snub from Timmy get her down. So she did what any rational teenager (ha!) would do. She made a Tebow cardboard cutout. And took it to Prom.

Totally normal.

In his defense, the newest member of the Jets was probably too busy going to church or doing whatever Tebow-type things he does.

A (male) co-worker of mine brought up a valid point, "I don't understand how that girl couldn't get a date..."

I said, "Well, hello, who would want to play second string to Tim Tebow??"

His response? "Not Mark Sanchez, that’s for sure."

Though we agree that Sanchez most definitely would have flown across the country to take her on a date.

If anyone is willing to make a cardboard cutout of Lou, I'm pretty sure you could fit it in a small clutch, and I'd LOVE to see those pictures. Just saying.

If you could take any celeb to a special event, who would it be? Tell us below!

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