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What is usually a sure sign of summer and a happy time is now causing locals to turn on the Camp Meeting Association.

Ocean Grove is an idyllic town in many ways and nothing is more adorable, if you ask me, than these seasonal mini-cottage tents that have a wait list at least ten years long.

In happier, pre-Covid times, you could even tour some of them on occasion. Or you could stroll through the tent community and at least peak onto the porches of these mini-summer homes and wish you had one.

Now? Not so much. In fact, many residents are up in arms because these tents not only mean an influx of out-of-towners moving in for the summer, but the fact that these tents are practically touching is causing fear among the locals about the potential spread of Covid-19.

Many residents are worried the whole community could become infected as these summer campers spread out across the town, restaurants, stores, beach and boardwalk.

After spending some time reading social media comments full of hatred for the tent community and the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, I have to say that I am truly disappointed by the sheer amount of hatred out there. For such a beautiful town, there are some really nasty opinions that were posted.

Yes, this is a fearful time for us all, but shouldn't we be bonding together and working from a place of love (or, at the very least a place of sanity and facts) to try and solve problems rather than spewing hatred?

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