Two weeks away from Christmas so Santa and Mrs. Claus must be super busy up at the North Pole!

We recently told you that you can give Santa a call. But now Santa is "getting with the times" and it has never been easier to get in touch with him.

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Here is how it works.

Simply send a text to his toll-free number at (844)-YO-SANTA (848-967-2682) to check in. Ask him how he is doing, what you are most excited for this Christmas and even let him know what is on your wish list for this Christmas. (Even though he probably already knows) 

Santa and his elves work to go through, organize and respond to these messages so please be patient if you don't get a response immediately. It has been estimated that he can receive up to 1,000 texts per second!

What can Santa say...he is a popular man this time of year.

Plus, once Santa starts packing up his sleigh, he can't guarantee that he will be able to respond personally so DON'T WAIT TO REACH OUT!

Let other kids know about Santa's new texting line by using the hashtag #YoSanta on all social media platforms! He may be busy but Santa wants to hear from as many of you as possible!

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

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