We shared the story of little Nico, who has suffered tremendously with Type 1 Diabetes and has been in and out of the hospital, sometimes with dangerous side effects.

(Photo of Dominic, Nick Jonas, and little Nico courtesy of mom Vanessa Lemanski)

5-year-old Nico's hero is Nick Jonas, who has been so open about his T1 diabetes, and a pop star that little kids wearing pumps can look up to.

Thanks to our listeners sharing this story and giving Nico tickets to the Friday night show, The Jonas Bros. management heard and invited Nico and his 7-year-old brother Dominic backstage in Newark for the VIP treatment.

But the generosity didn't stop there...another listener gave Nico tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in Atlantic City as well!

(Nico is a happy boy, despite what he is going through! Photo courtesy of mom Vanessa Lemanski)

We have invited Nico to our morning show this coming Monday to see if he can tell us how it felt to meet Nick Jonas, so that should be adorable, but, meanwhile, here's the photo of him and Nick!

To read the full story of what Nico has been through and how this big moment came to be, CLICK HERE.

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