With the release of the new James Bond theme "Skyfall," many are buzzing over the return of the 007 franchise. However, the Bond of the Garden State is returning for the fifth installment of another major movie series.

He calls himself:

The 007 from Plainfield, New Jersey

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Bruce Willis is back as action star John McLaine for Die Hard 5. Get ready for massive explosions, gunfights, military hardware and ladies, your bald hero.

Bruce returns as New York cop John McClane who is battling Russian terrorists in the fifth instalment of the blockbuster franchise, after a five year gap.

This time he's brought family back-up in the form of his son, John McClane Jr, played by Spartacus star Jai Courtney.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays his daughter, Lucy, and Julia is Russian minx Irina in the movie.

The trailer also flags up its Valentine’s Day release with the words: “February 14th is A Good Day to Die Hard.”

Watch the trailer.

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