So many people are in love with Asbury Park, and we are too. And each week, we test your knowledge of this great city with Asbury Park Trivia.

This week, the spotlight landed on one of the great landmarks, not only for Asbury Park, but for the entire music industry. As a matter of fact, this place is probably the first thing many people think of when you say Asbury Park.

We are, of course talking about the legendary Stone Pony. That piece of rock 'n roll history that sits just off the ocean and a stone's throw from the legendary Asbury Park Boardwalk and beach.

So, how much do you think you know about the Pony? Let's fin out. Let's review the questions we gave you and see how much you actually do know. Spolier alert: The answers are listed below question #4, so if you are still deciding on your final answer, be careful when you are scrolling down. Here are the questions...

Question #1...What was the name of the restaurant in the building that's now the Stone Pony before it was the Stone Pony?

Question #2...The name of the Stone Pony did not come to one of the owners in a dream, as is widely believed. What actually inspired the name? 

Question #3...Name the Pony's first house Band.

Question #4...In 1976 The Point (then just known as WJLK), broadcast a Memorial Day 1976 concert from the Stone Pony featuring what legendary New Jersey band?

An here are your answers...

Answer #1...Mrs. Jay's.

Answer #2...A t-shirt Jack Roig saw a woman was wearing.

Answer #3...The Blackberry Booze Band. The band included Southside Johnny and Steve Van Zandt.

Answer #4...Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes.

That was a tough quiz. I'd say if you got two right you pass. We got the answers at the Stone Pony website. Check it out for a ton of cool Pony info.

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