A local Jersey bagel shop is getting creative with its Summer bagels!

I was scrolling through TikTok last night when I came across a video from The Bagel Nook in Freehold that instantly made me hungry. They know what's up for Summer 2021 - instead of a Hot Girl Summer, it's a Hot Bagel Summer!

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Forget your regular plain, poppy, or Everything bagels (although they are available on The Bagel Nook's Menu), it's a Summer of Flamin' Hot Cheeto bagels, Oreo bagels, Fruity Pebble bagels - HOLY MOLY! Check out the video that made my mouth water below:

I kind of want to try that Flamin Hot Cheeto bagel with an egg on it. It sounds like the perfect combo of hot, cheesy, and savory!

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And that's not all - when scrolling through The Bagel Nook's TikTok, I discovered more of its creative menu offerings - COLD BREW CREAM CHEESE ON A FRENCH TOAST BAGEL? Holy moly! Look at that glorious moment the bagel is cut open to reveal the cream cheese - have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

You can find even more mouthwatering bagels on the menu, like cookie dough overload (a cocoa puff bagel with cookie dough cream cheese, a cannoli donut, and more! If you're dying to try some of these fun Summer bagels, The Bagel Nook has 2 shops - in Freehold at 51 Village Center Drive, and in Princeton at 301 N. Harrison Street.


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