The Ocean County Fair is underway this week and the Monmouth County Fair is right behind it, starting in less than two weeks!

One of the best things about local fairs and festivals is the food, of what's the #1 foodie pick at the fair?

Food stand at the 2014 Ocean County Fair
Food stand at the 2014 Ocean County Fair (Colleen Hall, Townsquare Media)
  • Thinkstock

    Cotton Candy

    I'm gonna put it out there: I kind of hate cotton candy. I alwayswant to like it...but I never do. It's overly sweet, mostly flavorless, and just makes everything sticky. Leave this one for the kids!

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Candy Apples

    These always seem like a good idea...but they're not. By the time you get to the actual fruit, you likely have a cracked tooth, loose filling, and/or a sugary red film all over your cheek. And the apples are never that good. Pass!

  • (photo courtesy of mconnors, morguefile)
    (photo courtesy of mconnors, morguefile)

    Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

    I'm kind of torn on these, because the combination of chocolate and banana is so good...but be honest, there's no way to eat these without looking obscene. (Fine, I have the maturity level of a child.) But in a truly practical sense, since the bananas are frozen, you never get a good flavor balance, as the chocolate cracks off before you get a bite of the fruit...then what? You're left to chew on hunks of frozen banana and pretend you like it.

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    Sausage & Peppers Sandwich

    This is a perfectly wonderful fair food, and the only reason it doesn't rank higher is because I feel like I can make this at home whenever I want.

  • Joe Shlabotnik, Flickr
    Joe Shlabotnik, Flickr

    Fried Oreos

    I always want to like fried Oreos a lot more than I actually do. They kind of just taste like chocolatey zeppoles, which is fine, but I'm never really blown away by them.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Corn Dog

    I know, you're probably thinking, 'what's so great about a corn dog?!' I don't know, but I think it has to do with the fact that you can't get them anywhere else...The crunchy, slightly sweet cornbread-y exterior combined with salty, juicy hot dog is a fabulous combination. I'm even willing to overlook the fact that it looks similar to eating the chocolate banana...

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    Butterfly Fries

    Maybe it's watching the potatoes spin away into ribbons, maybe it's the half-chip/half-fry texture, or maybe it's the fact that fried potatoes will always be awesome...either way, you can't go wrong with butterfly fries...(or those spiral potato on a stick things.)

  • Laurie Cataldo
    Laurie Cataldo


    Funnel cake's chubby little cousin, zeppoles (ZEH-poe-lees) are Italian donuts, served fresh out of the oil covered in powdered sugar, in a paper bag that soon becomes translucent from the grease. They are delightful little balls of carby love.

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    Kettle Corn

    I cannot explain my love for well-made Kettle Corn. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and whatever magical corn kernels they use pop up into these giant flowery buds of deliciousness that almost melt on your tongue. Usually if I buy a bag, I wind up giving it to someone else, knowing I'll eat the whole thing by the next day. It's a problem. (And the answer is bigger pants.)

  • Food stand at the 2014 Ocean County Fair (Colleen Hall, Townsquare Media)
    Food stand at the 2014 Ocean County Fair (Colleen Hall, Townsquare Media)

    Funnel Cake

    Who can resist the call of funnel cake? The batter swirled into hot oil, created perfectly crisp exteriors that give way to fluffy, sweet cake, all covered with a dusting of powdered sugar? It's another one of those things you can't really find outside of a fair or the boardwalk...and that's part of what makes it so great!

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