If you're looking for the freshest daily catch in Jersey, then you need to hook into this family-owned neighborhood seafood market for your next feast.

As you read this, some of you may be saying, “we’ve gone there since before you were born!”  Yep, this hidden gem went into business 11 years before I was even on the planet.  They have been in business so long because they are simply the best at what they bring us.

The folks I'm really talking to here are the ones that have never heard of this stellar local secret.  You may be making the mistake of getting your seafood from all the wrong big box stores when you have the real deal right in your own backyard.

Full disclosure, this place may be very happy being a local secret favorite but with offerings this good I have a duty to share it with the masses. If you don’t know about My Three Sons Seafood and Produce in Little Egg Harbor you are missing the boat.

Photo credit: Shannon Holly/Patty Smith
Photo credit: Shannon Holly/Patty Smith

This place has been shelling out top-notch seafood since 1964 (btw, how many seafood puns do you think I can fit into this post?). Anyway, my Three Sons is a staple for so many, and yet I feel like it is a local best-kept secret.

Yesterday, my family took advantage of the stellar weather and had the best beach day ever. The water was sparkling clear and the temps were just what you would expect now that we are on the brink of “local summer”. Of course, that put my family in the mood for a seafood feast and that meant heading to My Three Sons where their clams are almost as sweet as their fresh-baked pies for dessert.

Photo credit: My Three Sons Facebook
Photo credit: My Three Sons Facebook

We’ve gone here for years, about two years ago they carried lobster as shown with my daughter Bella below. (Notice the ironic “say no to pot t-shirt”) but for the last two years, they had to stop carrying lobsters because of the price point increase. Thanks a lot, COVID.

Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly

However, My Three Sons still offer the best fresh-caught seafood in the area and their prices are the best in town.  Their selection is awesome as well. You can still get:

Enormous shrimp


Soft shell crabs

Primo Clam Chowder

Fresh Sushi Grade Tuna

Barnegat Light Scallops

Key West Jumbo Pink Shrimp

Stuffed Clams

Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes


Red Snapper



Little Neck Clams

Top Neck Clams


We did a big boil ourselves but let’s say that you want dinner pre-made for you and ready to go. They will gladly do it all for you!

Photo credit: My Three Sons Website
Photo credit: My Three Sons Website

They can make their fresh seafood fried or broiled, they toss in cole slaw and fries or potato salad. Now, you can body surf all day and pick up fresh dinner already cooked.

I could not help snapping some pics of my last stop so you can see what my family has loved for years!

My Three Sons Seafood And Produce Market

This is in my opinion, a local hidden gem of a seafood market! Get your fresh-caught seafood here for your next family feast. We do!

My Three Sons is also known for their produce and you know Jersey has that on lock! While you are there you can get your fresh New Jersey corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peppers, peaches, and plums.

OK, that’s enough healthy stuff...let’s get to the dessert. They have fresh-baked pies that will bring you to your knees.

I will argue that their key lime pie is the best this side of Key West. That is my clear favorite, but their blueberry crumble is actually a local legend. Here are all their flavors, baked fresh daily:

  • Apple Caramel Walnut
  • Peachberry (Peach/Blueberry)
  • Wildberry
  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Blueberry
  • Apple Razzberry
  • Coconut Custard
  • Fruits of the Forest (Apples, Blueberries, Strawberry, Rhubarb)
  • Peach
  • Apple Cranberry
  • Cherry

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