Looking for a fantastic view that is considered one of the most breathtaking views in America, then look no further than Hoboken, New Jersey. That's right Hoboken is home to one of the best views in America.


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According to an article by Cheapism, Castle Point in Hoboken "located just across the river from New York City, this is one of the best places to see Manhattan from a distance. It is actually the highest point in Hoboken, and part of the Stevens Institute of Technology campus, which is free to enter."



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Castle Point Lookout is well known and has a lot of history too. According to Visit Hudson," Reaching an elevation of 100 feet and residing on the Steven’s Institute of Technology campus, Castle Point Lookout provides breathtaking views of both New York City and the Hoboken waterfront! This historical site’s trademark is the Steven’s cannon. The cannon was said to have been brought over from France during the American Revolution and acts as a symbol of protection."

I have never been to this location, but now I am intrigued and I want to take my camera up to Castle Point Lookout and capture some views of the Hudson River, Hoboken, and New York City. Sounds like a great day trip on a sunny weekend this fall.

If you have been up to Castle Point Lookout, let us know what you thought. Is it the best "view" in New Jersey? Do you agree with this article or do you think you have a better view of Jersey? Let us know and share with our listeners.


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