We asked you which town at the Jersey Shore you'd choose to build or buy your dream home if you won the lottery, and here are the results.

First, we start by saying the inspiration for the question in the first place, the single winning $1.6 billion Mega Millions  ticket was sold in South Carolina, so it looks like we're not actually breaking ground or calling our real estate agent, but let's check the results anyway.

We combined the responses we got from an informal survey of Mega Millions players and responses on our Facebook page and the top three answers were Avon (3rd), Manasquan (2nd) and the top answer we got was Spring Lake.

Well, actually the top answer wasn't Spring Lake. It was some version of 'nowhere in Jersey', 'I'm outta here' or 'Hawaii', but for the purposes of this survey, we didn't rank those, although we certainly hear you.

So, if we're going to get that dream house, we're going to have to try PowerBall. The drawing is tonight (10/24) and the current jackpot is estimated at $620 million. Its' no $1.6 billion, but we'd take it, right?

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