Nobody needs to tell us here in New Jersey that we have been the home or starting point for some of the greatest musicians the world has ever seen.

The names just roll off our tongue, It's almost a reflex reaction to the question. There's Bruce & the E Street Band, there's Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston and the Chairman of the Board. And there's Queen Latifah and Charlie Puth,

But there are some pretty influential performers who have Garden State roots that, for some reason, sometimes aren't among the names that first come to mind, or for that matter, come to mind at all.

Yardbarker reminds us of some of them, and we should definitely pay tribute to these New Jersey related artists as well. It may be a reminder to you, or you may not even know they have Garden State connections, but here they are...

They Have NJ Connections

There are just some of the stars with New Jersey connections that might not get mentioned in the first names that normally come to your mind. And there are more. Check out our next installment coming soon.

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