I am always talking about my beloved flip-flops. They are a sign of summer, they are comfortable, and they make me happy. They're everything good about the Jersey shore wrapped up in a beautiful, yet simple type of footwear. They are my friends. And now they are gone.

This past weekend, I was getting out of my car, and when I tried to walk across the driveway, the top of the right flip-flop separated from the bottom and folded under. I'll be the first to admit, this wasn't my smoothest moment. 

I honestly didn't know why I was feeling driveway under my foot instead of flip-flop, so I tried to lift my foot, but the folded flip-flop got caught and I started hopping around the driveway. The best way to describe it is stubbed toe meets icy sidewalk. Not pretty.

When I regained my balance and had a chance to look down, I saw it. My flip-flop had seen it's last day. I thought about Krazy Glueing it, but decided it deserved to go out with dignity.  So now it's time to break in a new pair. When I go out with my new flip-flops for the first time, I know I'll talk about my ex flip-flops. It's wrong, but I'm not over them yet. Hope my rebound flip-flops understand.

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