Liz found some data warning us about the dangers of flip flops and I'm sure it's all true, but I did want to give my version of the sunnier side of flip flops.

You may have read about some reasons why flip flops might not be the best idea for you, and I'll let you decide that for yourself. But I did want to stick up for my flip flops and flip flops in general.

Here are three reasons I love my flip flops:

It is the ultimate sign of summer. When you're wearing them you're hot, and when you're hot it's summer. and when it's summer, I'm happy.

Soooo comfortable. Is there a better feeling than slipping on your flip flops and feeling so free as you walk around Monmouth & Ocean Counties?

Drop the socks. Flip flop season means you can pack away all those socks. Socks. Winter's accessory. Who needs 'em, right? Just the tourists, I guess.

I'll leave it up to you how much you want to worry about the flip flop dangers Liz brought up. In the meantime I'm ready for flip flop season and you can't take them away from me!

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