Nothing breaks the heart of lovers of the Jersey Shore than the heart wrenching pain we feel when we give up our beloved flip flops.

flip flops on the beach

Flip flops are not just foot attire. They are a feeling in our hearts. The only thing more beautiful than the freedom of our toes is the symphony of rhythm of the flip flop clapping off the bottom of the heel of our feet.

Flip flops mean summer and pools and beaches and boats and sunshine and ice cream and barbeques and baseball and flowers and warm nights. Flip flops are a symbol of everything we love at the Jersey Shore.

But like Santa and Frosty and apple cider, flip flops have their time of year. And I fear that time has come to and end. So, I say goodbye to you my beloved flip flops. Goodbye until next year when we once again navigate the sands of the Jersey Shore. You may be out of my sight, but you will never be far from my mind. I count the days until we see each other again. I will miss you.

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