We know what we think about us in New Jersey, right. if you understood that, then you are definitely from the Garden State. But have you ever wondered how the rest of the country perceives us. I think we can all agree they just don't get us. And a recent article really, well, drove that exact point home.

Bradley Beach
Bradley Beach (Bud McCormick)

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Asbury Park boardwalk at sunrise
Asbury Park boardwalk at sunrise (Jim Guiliano, Townsquare Media NJ)

The story concept was simple enough. What's the most iconic street in each state. And my gullible little mind thought the beautiful roads that gently border the ocean or the bay or the rivers here at the Jersey Shore would easily take the prize in the Garden State. But, alas, no.

Route 35 south at Arnold Ave in Point Pleasant Beach
Route 35 south at Arnold Ave in Point Pleasant Beach (Google Street View)

Fine, then it must be a historic road like Route 9 or Route 35, which was the road that led to so many of us to the great childhood memories at the beach that we cherish. These were the path that led to so many awesome vacations, right? That's pretty iconic, right? But apparently not iconic enough.

Garden State Parkway sign
Garden State Parkway sign (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

So then it must be the Garden State Parkway. It's a pretty obvious choice, but it is the roadway to some of the greatest beaches and beach towns in the world. So, it's the Parkway, right? Wrong.

So, what's the most iconic road in New Jersey. It's most likely the one you wouldn't want the spotlight on. It turns out that Savoteur chose the picturesque, graceful postcard of a highway we call the New Jersey Turnpike as our most iconic in the Garden State. Wow.

So, the most grey, industrial and congested spot in the whole stat that I can think of is our most iconic. I don't want to underestimate this road;'s history or importance, but maybe my definition of iconic is a little off.

Next time, I hope the deciders of these type of things dig a little deeper and spend some time on roads that wind through beautiful towns like Spring Lake or Red Bank and then let us know what they think of Broad St.or Main St.

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